please, appreciate the sforz

mercoledì, ottobre 27, 2004

Dear Texaround,
we are writing from the normal byblio that you as well know. because of you know as well, you know that this pc can't (not the philosopher) pick-up images, so we're sorry.
We write you first for a demonstration of the really really big power of
the cheaf , that are some very international men (plural, not singular, note).
Second to remember you this place where your final work at this university was born. We're sorry also that now we only can write you in english, so people of via rigattieri can't pick-up us from the bottom because we are not so ironic as they: now we have english humour, that they can not understand, isn't true? what a hard work, write in english (for they, of course, for the second-cheaf and for "aaahhh??", not for us, of course). we have to left this computer. see you soon.
the cheaf


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Via Rigattieri ha detto...

Goodmorning to all via rigattieri n 16 (except for Claudia)!! It's great: It's 09:19am and I'm answering to a message written in the future for me! So If you don't like something in your breakfast, if you don't agree with the last order of the MagnanimusCheaf just remenber that you have a friend that live in the immediate past who can help you!
Tra poco avro' anche una linea telefonica arretrata di un'ora a cui potrete contattarmi piu' velocemente!

27/10/04, 10:23