nederlandsche zivilisatie

domenica, gennaio 29, 2006

Dutch Culture
Most Dutch people keep a birthday calendar in the bathroom, so as not to forget anyone's birthday.People rarely send out official invitations and presents are often inexpensive. Gift certificates are popular. But don't be fooled by appearances: remembering someone’s birthday is very much appreciated, so do send a card, sms or call!
When visiting a Dutch friend on his or her birthday, it is customary to take a bunch of flowers (quite inexpensive in Holland) or some candy. A bottle of wine is also appreciated. The Dutch do not feel comfortable with people dropping by unannounced, not even on a birthday! The custom is to bring pastry for colleagues at work to enjoy over coffee. It is customary to congratulate not only the person whose birthday it is, but also their relatives. To say "Congratulations on the birthday of your brother-in-law" would be quite normal.


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